How We Give

Supporting conservation with every purchase

It is our promise to give back with every purchase made. Working together with Amara Conservation enables us to create beautiful and sustainable clothing whilst supporting the conservation of elephants and other endangered wildlife in their habitat.  

Who is Amara Conservation?

Amara Conservation was founded by Lori Bergemann in 2001 and is a registered charity in the USA and UK.  Dedicated to the protection of elephants and other wildlife in Tsavo, Amara's sole objective is to ensure elephants and humans continue to coexist peacefully in the world.

Lori understood that no number of weapons or combative methods would ever be fully effective against the ongoing poaching and destruction in Africa.  She focused instead, on education.

“If you want to create powerful and tangible results, changing the minds of the people is the only way to have a lasting impact.”


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