Our Story

Our Passion

We are a small, home grown company with a huge passion for kids clothing and conservation.

As a busy mom of five, I understand the challenges that come with running a family.  I also like to think I know what works when it comes to kids clothing and accessories.

Our children were the inspiration behind Elephant Moon and our clothing is designed to be purposeful and sustainable. We like to think that when someone purchases one of our products, they are giving back in another way.

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Our Products

Our clothing is not only super-soft and of beautiful quality, but also cleverly designed to last for longer! 

We use a manufacturing process that is transparent and ethical and this is of paramount importance to us.  Every one of our products is made using Fairtrade and GOTS certified materials and practices.  We are also deeply committed to using zero plastic and minimal packaging which can be 100% recycled.  

We guarantee less waste and better value for money which we think is a pretty sweet deal.

So surely it can’t get better than this...right?

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Our Purpose

We are thrilled to tell you that it does get better! 

Elephant Moon is also a social enterprise working with a fantastic organization called Amara Conservation.  You can read more about Amara on our How We Give page.

By helping to raise awareness as well as donating a proportion of our profits, it is our goal to help protect endangered wildlife from the threat of ivory poaching and from the destruction of their habitat.

This is something we feel very passionate about and is the reason why we want to create awesome clothing for kids!

How We Give

Clothing children today for a brighter tomorrow.

Every time a little person uses one of our fantastic products, they are helping to protect our Earth and the amazing creatures on it.